High School

Teens are filled with passion and are on a search of something worthy of their passion.  They are searching for something that is worth pouring themselves into, something worthy of all their love and energy.  This is the same extraordinary passion that Jesus Christ has for his people; it is this passion that Jesus shared with us through his birth, life, death on the cross, and resurrection.

Youth reflect the image of God through their passion and the church is called to celebrate, encourage, and help shape that passion so young Christians reflect the transformative love of God.  Youth crave more than fun and games; they crave a meaningful life and a passionate faith.

Youth ministry is ministry to, by, and with, passionate young people, it is an opportunity for the whole church to continue to grow in their faith and more fully share their identity as a beloved child of God.

You can view a video of the June 2014 urban mission trip to Pittsburgh, PA here.

Common Ground: 6-8 PM on Sunday Nights – All High School students are invited to join us for food, games, and conversation.

This is a relaxed time to enjoy each other’s company, build relationships, explore faith, and just have fun!

Each Sunday evening will include snacks, games, and a time to reflect on issues of our faith.

Nardin Park Youth youth at Meyer's Lake Campground
Nardin Park Youth at Meyer’s Lake Campground

Tuesday Evening Fusion: 4:30 – 6:40 in Park Place. Come do homework, hang out, chat with Beth, and enjoy dinner.  Bible Study takes place from 6 – 6:40 for youth who want to grow in faith, and explore what scripture tells us about everyday living.