Thanks Giving with Thanks Living

Over the last two months there is a group within the church called the Nominations and Leadership Development Team that is responsible for identifying, deploying, and monitoring spiritual leadership for the church.  Nardin Park has 30 Boards, Committees and Ministry Teams in place to accomplish the ministries to which we have committed ourselves.  We need lots of people who are willing to give of their time and energies to make these ministries happen. 

This year alone almost 100 people were approached by the Nominations Team and most of the people responded with a “yes.”  Many of those who said, “no” offered an alternative place where they could serve and most of the time we were able to accomodate them.  Thankfully, I can report that approximately 240 people are willing to dedicate their talents in making Nardin Park a vital and vitalized congregation.  Praise God!

I’m especially excited that several of our youth took the initiative to expand their ministry above and beyond “youth” ministry.  We now have someone on the Worship Team (Elizabeth Morrison), the Family Life Team (Julia Lederer), the Audio Team (James Allbery) and for a fourth year in a row we have a high school youth (the second year for Jake Lockledge) attending the Detroit Annual Conference as one of our three members representing Nardin Park.

It is exciting to experience people who are excited about being in ministry.  Since Thanksgiving is a couple of days away, the obvious thought scurrying around in my brain is that when we experience a sense of gratitude for our life and our faith we begin to seek ways in which we can live out our gratitude.  In other words, thanks-giving becomes thanks-living.  It’s a joy to watch! 

It’s far more fun to watch than the Detroit Lions!  By the way, what genius continues to schedule the Lions to play on Thanksgiving against some of the National Football League’s best teams?  Can a Lion really devour a New England Patriot on Thanksgiving Day?  Isn’t that like rooting for the turkeys to do in the Pilgrims?  Of course I’ll be in front of the tv screen and I will enjoy the game.  My enjoyment, however, comes from the company we’re hosting.  All of our kids, their spouses and our granddaughter will be with us.  My sense of gratitude is simply overwhelming.  I pray that my thanks-living can match the fullness in my heart.