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  We all do it.  We wonder, at one time or another, if we are in the right place doing the right thing.  Should I spend time with these friends or those?  Should I move my investments?  Should I change jobs?  Should I go back to school?  Should I choose this college or that one?  Should we get a dog or a fish?   

We choose what is most comfortable or familiar.  We also choose what is most challenging and adventurous.  Depends on the day and whether we are worried about fitting in and finding “home” or if we need an adrenalin rush to feel alive. 

Our temperaments or personalities drive most of this without us even giving it a moment’s thought.  We just know what we need and go for it.  A quiet morning on the porch considering nothing.  An afternoon drive with the top down in the Mustang. 

I found pink forget-me-nots about a week ago and have been planning the best place for them in the flower beds around the parsonage.  They have particular temperaments and require specific conditions to thrive.  Once planted, they can’t change their mind and move around, so I have to choose wisely.  Today they are getting acclimated to a new space.  I’m watching them to make sure they are thriving before I commit them to a permanent  home. 

This got me thinking about the community I’m introducing them to–this hodge-podge collection of flowers and foliage I call a garden.  There are no copy-cats, but there are some scene-stealers.  There are a few renegades who like to take up more space and crowd others.  And some shy ones I secretly wish would get a little bolder, bloom longer, and bigger.  Some love the spotlight and others flourish in the shade.  I know them all by name and anxiously await their presence.  Everyday I walk among them and check to see if they are okay.  I remember learning their names from a grandmother or neighbor or friend when we were first introduced. 

Forget-Me-Nots captured my heart when I was about five years old.  My grandmother taught me that they remind us of true love, hope, and remembrance.  Funny the stuff you keep in your head!  

 Scriptures tell us that we are a planting of God, God’s garden.  It’s good to know that we have been planted in the place where we may both grow and bless, our lives bursting with life in ways that complement and complete God’s idea of a perfect garden.  You’ve all heard “bloom where you are planted” or at least found it on a bumper sticker.  We don’t need to worry about where we are.  We need to check to see if we are growing.     

Memorial Day weekend is upon us.  We remember.  We plant our gardens.  We hope that wherever we are, whatever choices we’ve made or have been made for us, we find ourselves in a loving, caring community to grow in.  Whether our minds are caught up in graduating high school, beginning retirement, or trying to figure out the best place for flowers in a garden, we can be hopeful.  God forgets-me-not.