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it’s Saturday at the Park…


I love short sayings.  Our Vacation Bible School comes with three short imperatives:  Grow in Faith.  Have Fun.  Change the World.  That’s a great package and Nardin Park UMC has a great VBS team to help our youngest experience each element.

Our Kids at the Park week begins Monday morning.  I’m taking a break from my preparations as the Community Site facilitator to write this.  At the Community Site, we will observe and explore how we live in community, who our neighbors are–including all the plants and animals around us, and how we can make better choices with our resources.  One of the activities is making cloth napkins to use instead of using disposable paper napkins.  I LOVE cloth napkins!!!  I own way too many and still collect them from rummage and garage sales.  We will create some nature art and look at how God has designed seeds.

Seeds carry new life from place to place.  The Word of God is a seed planted in our lives.  Seeds are like short sayings, that once unpacked, can fill up a lifetime.  Dale shared six words a few weeks ago, three short sayings.

  • God-Centered
  • People-Focused
  • Spirit-Led

These are Community Site statements.  Wherever we find ourselves, whatever choices we are about to make, whatever learning we are about to encounter, we can ask if we are beginning with God at our center, if we are acting in ways that bless and affirm others, and if we are listening to the Holy Spirit as we go forward.  We live in commmunity with all the ways we experience God in Christ and Spirit and Creator.  We live in community with all of creation.  My prayer for all of us next week is that we will allow some of God’s love to be planted in us and that love will grow.

I hope anyone who would like to hear a little more about the Parable of the Sower and how it can help us stay God-Centered, People-Focused, and Spirit-Led will join the “adult” version of ReNew at 7pm Monday through Wednesday.  (And to fulfill the “Have Fun” of VBS, return on Thursday to celebrate with all the Kids at the Park for a Pizza Party in Mercer Hall at 7pm!)

Now more than ever we are aware of how our choices and preferences challenge this planet to sustain us.  Now is the time to begin new habits and learn how our actions can contribute toward a healthier and more sustainable use of resources.  Learn about Urban Agriculture, Green Gardening, and Responsible Recycling from local experts and practitioners.  Give your own soul garden some weeding and watering and replenishing!

Spend a few minutes reflecting on The Parable of the Sower (http://bible.oremus.org/?ql=143956000), then visit the site below and check out some new ways to use those closet organizers and soda bottles.