One Year Older

     I observed another birthday yesterday.  Our expectant daughter, Kate, and her husband, Kris, visited with us over the weekend.  The rest of the kids called me.  Our son, Walker, and his new bride, Tina, managed to serenade me with a stellar version of “Happy Birthday!”  It was great fun and I’m enjoying my wife’s birthday gift of a Kindle Fire.

     When I was young I looked forward to birthdays, not because of some anticipated gift, but due to the fact that I was getting older.  As a kid I wanted to get older.  Older meant getting taller and, hopefully, more independent.  I wanted the days of the years to move quickly so that at the age of 16 I could get my driver’s license, or at the age of 18 I could register to vote, or at the age of 21 I would no longer be classified as a “minor.”  There was always a sense of great anticipation that something marvelous was about to happen.

     Nowadays, I’m not so sure I want to anticipate the next age marker.  Sure, the Social Security Administration informs me that I can qualify for full benefits at the age of 66, but who eagerly awaits the passing of those years to achieve that dubious status?  I no longer count the days.  All I desire is that each day counts.

     This year I had to renew my driver’s license, complete with a photo ID.  Guess what?  I no longer look 16.  The presidential primary is today and I have never missed a chance to vote.  I am now an official adult, but I still act like a minor once in a while.  I guess some things never change.

     The blessing of the celebration of the anniversary of the day of my birth is two-fold: (1) I receive the privilege of being in contact with loved ones, and (2) I can express my gratitude for the days of my life that enable me to enjoy the people around me.  I am happy with my birth day, but I’m even happier with each day that still offers possibilities.

     So I thank all of the people who have showered their personal congratulations upon me.  Now it’s off to the daily race, but, quite frankly, I’m more into enjoying each step of the journey!