October “Treats”

Usually October is associated with the last day of the month, a day of “Trick or Treats.”  But here at Nardin Park, this October starts and ends with a number of “Treats” for us!

On Sunday, October 6, we will observe World Communion Sunday and celebrate the 50th anniversary of our groundbreaking at 29887 West Eleven Mile Road.  To celebrate the occasion James McConnell, leader of the Archives and History Ministry Team, will bring us an historical word.  In addition, we are inviting everyone to give a 50th anniversary gift to Nardin Park with a gift of $50 (or another amount with a “5” and a “0”).  The gift is a simple act of gratitude, expressing our appreciation for the gift of Nardin Park within our lives.

On Sunday, October 13 we will begin our new Sunday night worship service – “Connexion” – at 6 pm.  Worship will be held in Mercer Hall.  The dress is casual.  The mood is uplifting.  The message is inspirational.  The atmosphere is open and inviting.  The goal is to connect people with God and with each other.

On Sunday, October 20, three major events will be happening –

  • During the 10 am worship service, the Rev. Jerry DeVine, Program Director of the Detroit Annual Conference, will be our guest preacher as we continue to celebrate our Connectional Ministries.  Following the service, a box lunch will be provided as Jerry will participate in a Q&A time with us.
  • At 2 pm, our Music Series presents the DePue Brothers Band, four violinist brothers (plus two) from Bowling Green, Ohio that features a blend of bluegrass, classical and rock genres.  As described by a National Public Radio Host, “The DePue Brothers – nice guys, great players, and the audience jumped up and cheered.  How much better does it get?”
  • At 5 pm, our Church & Society Ministry Team will be hosting the annual D.R.U.M. (“Dedicated Reconciling United Methodists”) dinner and program.  D.R.U.M. is a reconciling community of the Detroit Annual Conference working for the inclusion of all people.  The dinner is at 5 pm.  Reservations Required. Please contact the church office.  The program is at 6 pm.  The speaker is the Rev. Dr. Bill Ritter, Executive Director of the United Methodist Union.

On Sunday, October 27, we will be receiving and recognizing our newest additions to the Nardin Park faith family.  Our Welcoming Sundays are always something that we anticipate with great enthusiasm.  If you haven’t officially made us your church home, I invite you to do so.  Please contact me at dmiller@nardinpark.org.

In hope and confidence,


P.S.     Last month I wrote about the financial situation at Nardin Park.  At the end of August, we were some $70,000+ in the red.  At the end of September, we will be closer to $45,000 in the red.  Thank you, Nardin Park!  Hopefully, we can continue in this direction as we make sure that our ministries are fully funded.

P.P.S.     Someone remarked that I talk about money too much.  I can’t help it, you see, because money is a spiritual matter.  Every time we receive the offering we are giving a tangible expression of our faith.  Jesus talked about money more than any other subject.  Because of the life and teachings of Jesus, such an ordinary thing as money takes on a new significance for us – a redemptive significance.  After meeting Jesus, we can’t use money the same way as we did before meeting him!