New Beginnings

Wow!  Our new website is up and running thanks to the countless hours and efforts of David Burgess and the IT Ministry Team.  There are numerous ways that we will eventually be able to use our web site. 

You will be able to sign up to receive our e newsletter, thereby saving hundreds of dollars on paper and postage.  Although you can still receive the paper newsletter if you wish.

You will eventually be able to sign up on line to attend a class or a church dinner or to enroll your child in Vacation Bible School.

You will be able to receive all church notifications on funeral services and prayer requests.

You will be able to hear the Sunday morning sermon, as well as reading the text.  Since sermons are meant to be experienced and not read, I am particularly excited about this prospect.

You will be able to click on our blogs and see what’s going on with us and what we’re thinking at the time.

As the hymn says, “This is a day of new beginnings.”  It is exciting and it is scary, because it involves change.

Someone once said, “People don’t want change.  They just want things to get better.”  Someone else said, “People resist change with all the vigor of antibodies attacking an intruding virus.”  But if we want to improve our ministries and our relationships with each other, changes are necessary.

Sir Isaac Newton once wrote, “Any object at rest tends to remain at rest.  An object in motion tends to remain in motion.  Every action gives rise to an opposite reaction.  Force equals mass times acceleration.”  As people of faith, we have no option but to change.  Change is not for the sake of change, but for the sake of following Jesus Christ.

We affirm that God has been active in our lives and in the life of Nardin Park throughout the years.  For that, we give thanks.  We also believe that God is present in our lives and in the life of Nardin Park today.  For that, we celebrate every expression of God’s presence with us.

Yet, none of us, or Nardin Park, can say, “We are now everything God ever intended for us to be.”  So we embrace the changes that technology can afford us.  I can even learn how to blog.