For Nardin Park United Methodist Church there are four ingredients for worship:

Worship on Pentecost SundayScripture – Our worship is designed around a central theme whose common thread is scripture. For us, the use of scripture is not for informational purposes, but for transformational purposes. Scripture is not a history lesson, but a present day, living, breathing instrument of God’s love for us and for the world.

Tradition – Sacred symbols, hymns, and sacraments have an important place in our worship, and are quite powerful in helping people to experience the timelessness of God’s grace in their lives.

Experience – We do not gather in worship to talk about God. Rather, we come together in worship to experience God in our lives. Every Sunday morning, we expect to meet God and to grow in our faith.

Reason – In worship we feel that our head and our heart walk hand-in-hand. We¬†follow a gospel that makes sense. United Methodism is a practical faith where God’s love can be applied every day of our lives.

  • Sunday Worship Service is at 10:00 a.m.
  • Childcare is always available and our Welcome Center is ready to answer any questions you may have.
  • Children attend F.R.O.G. (Friends of God) Sunday School, a rotational model of experiencing God through drama, art, science, video, cooking, and games.
  • The sacrament of baptism is arranged through our pastors and is primarily done during Sunday worship.
  • The sacrament of communion is usually offered on the first Sunday of every month.
  • Recordings of the Worship Service are available in audio and video formats.