It’s a Great Time to be the Church!

I am soooooo excited!!!  For the past several months we have been talking about an additional worship experience to be offered on Sundays.  Why?  When?  Where?  How?  Who?  For months we certainly had more questions than answers.  But now the new worship experience is finally beginning to take shape.

Why are we thinking of a second worship service?  Quite frankly, there are so many people and so many reasons why Sunday morning doesn’t work for everyone that we simply needed to provide another opportunity for people to worship at a time that works for them.  We also wanted to select a time that would create an opportunity to reach our community.  Therefore, we are pleased to announce that beginning on Sunday, October 13, a new worship experience will be offered on Sundays at 6 pm.

While the service is absolutely available for current Nardin Park people, it is also being designed to reach out to our neighborhoods, inviting people to a casual, vibrant, and energized worship celebration that will be held in Mercer Hall.  This space will provide an environment that is less formal and more conducive to welcoming people who find structured sanctuaries somewhat threatening.

What kind of music will be used?  The answer is anything and everything that will make the good news of Jesus Christ come alive!  God is everywhere and so will we be.  To that end I am so very pleased to announce that we have secured an outstanding musician by the name of Alvin Waddles to help shape our worship music.

Mr. Waddles is currently a Choir Director and Organist/Pianist at both Hope United Methodist Church in Southfield and Hartford Memorial Baptist Church in Detroit.  Besides his church work he has also worked in the Detroit and Ann Arbor Public Schools, and he has been the musical director and/or pianist for numerous theatrical productions.  Alvin has delighted Detroit music lovers with performances in a variety of musical events including the Detroit International Jazz Festival, the Detroit Festival of the Arts, the annual Detroit and Chicago productions of “Too Hot to Handel,” and his own Fats Waller Revue.

He has worked with Robert Shaw, Margaret Hillis, Brazeal Dennard, Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker, Placido Domingo, George Shirley, Marcus Belgrave, Jack Jones, Stephanie Mills and Tramaine Hawkins.  And now, he’s working with us!!!

Two weeks ago I had lunch with Alvin.  I simply wanted to tell him my vision for a Sunday night worship experience that would be intentionally multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-generational and that would reach out to our neighborhoods in a new and inviting way.  What I wanted from him was the name of a musician who could help us accomplish our dream.

The more he heard, the more he got excited.  I began to think that he was really going to come up with a good name for us.  I was literally speechless when he offered his name.  When I shared this news with our own Mel Rookus, Mel said that this was definitely a musical coup for Nardin Park!

There is so much more work to do!  There is a whole lot more planning and preparing!  We still have more questions than answers, but we are on our way!  The potential for this new worship experience is phenomenal!  This is so risky, and I am so scared.  But what could happen for the glory of God and for the future of Nardin Park is so incredibly awesome.  It’s a great time to be the church!!!!!