Infant, Toddler/Two; 3-4 Year Olds

A paid Nursery attendant in the crib nursery, supported by volunteers, assures parents and children of a trusting environment and a loving church.

Inquisitive Toddlers and delightful Two-Year Olds experience the message of God’s love through trusting, volunteer caregivers and teachers.  You can view the themes for each  month here.   Through the use of personal cell phones, parents can be notified of a need during the worship service.


Godly Play

Three to Four Year Olds experience their Spiritual Guidance through “Godly Play” Sundays at 10:00 a.m.   Based on the Maria Montessori classroom environment, their time includes: Gathering, Story, Response, and Feast.  Two leaders are with the children each week.  Click here for the current schedule of lessons.

Rooms for these children are located on the First Floor.

The First Sunday of Each Month (toward the end of the hour), children (Ages 3 and older) are offered to receive Holy Communion in the main worship area (Sanctuary).  They then return to their classroom until their parents arrive.