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November 5, 2017 Sermon, “Defined by Generosity”

Rev. Melanie Lee Carey preaching, “Defined by Generosity.”  

Personal Goals and Commitment: What defines your life? Is it wealth? Belongings? Faith?  Many of us live with a scarcity mentality, worried that we must gather and hoard as much as possible, saving for some imagined “rainy day.”  Or we focus on self-gratification.  But the Bible promises both God’s blessings and joy for those who choose to live another way.


October 29, 2017 Sermon, “Cultivating Contentment”

Rev. Melanie Lee Carey preaching, “Cultivating Contentment,” as part of the Enough: Discovering Joy through Simplicity and Generosity 2017 Gratitude Campaign series.

Contentment is Key: Do you have a tough time separating “wants” from “needs”? Do you sometimes feel consumed by the desire to have more? Do you ever look at your surroundings and feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things?  When is enough, enough?

Today in worship, we released these burdens, addressed our human tendency head-on, and learned how to consciously change our ways.  With God, we always have more than enough, and that is where our true and lasting contentment lies.