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Welcome, Rev. Melanie Carey!

On Sunday, July 3rd, Nardin Park welcomed Rev. Melanie Carey and her family as Rev. Carey becomes our newly appointed pastor.

Rev. Carey’s worship theme for this Summer is “Faith Playlist”.  A playlist is a list of songs that can be played in sequential or shuffled order. While the term first originated in the days of top 40 radio, most often today we think of playlists for our MP3 devices—phones, I-pods or other Portable Music Devices. Since we have the ability to download thousands of songs, we often organize them in play lists in order that we can pick a list of songs to hear.

If you could set up a Faith Playlist, what songs might you download and why?  What might you put on your playlist of faith to help inspire you to live the kind of life God calls you to?  Given the construction on I-275 a Faith Play List might help us all deal more calmly with the extra commute times and slow traffic.

Each week in this Summer’s worship services, the sermon will feature a song that you can download to your MP3 device.  Download one song, or the whole sermon series as together we develop our Faith Playlist.

Nardin Park Steeple Lighting

Did you know that you can honor or remember a loved one, a special event, or celebrate the Ministry of the Church by “lighting” the Nardin Park steeple?  This beautiful structure can be seen for miles and is especially breathtaking when illuminated against the evening sky.

Commemorative steeple lighting is for one week, from Sunday through Saturday, for a $25 donation.  To request your date, please contact the church office.