Church Picnic June 21st- Save the Date!

Join us as we continue Nardin Park’s “reunion year” 50th anniversary celebration with previous pastors! Rev. Richard Peacock, who served as our pastor from 1993-1997, will be the guest preacher at the 10 am Sunday Worship service.

We will continue the celebration with a Father’s Day all-church picnic including activities for all ages!

Sign-ups for the picnic lunch will begin in late May. The picnic lunch will be a free-will donation, but please sign up so we have a headcount.

Vacation Bible School August 10-14

“Under Construction”  is a vacation Bible school curriculum developed in consultation with Habitat for Humanity International. The curriculum uses construction metaphors to teach children about community and the need for decent shelter for all people. “Under Construction” shows children how to help others in their neighborhood through Christian service.

Space is limited – register now for VBS 2015;  August 10-14 from 9:30am – noon.

Staff Blog

Curious to know what’s on the minds of our church staff? The [intlink id=”169″ type=”page”]Staff Blog[/intlink] will feature regular postings from the staff on topics ranging from recent experiences, future sermon topics, upcoming events, and more. Blogs tend to be less formal than newsletters, so look for a whole new level of communication from our staff. The goal is to reach out on a more regular basis to the congregation and write about experiences or topics that will better connect our congregational family.

You can read the blog in a variety of ways:

  • Read the blog directly on the [intlink id=”169″ type=”page”]website[/intlink] or click on the Staff Blog links from the main page
  • Subscribe to the blog RSS feed and add to your customized homepage, such as MyYahoo or iGoogle
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Sermon Podcasts

Miss last week’s sermon? Are you a Florida snow bird? Were you “resting your eyes” or otherwise distracted during a sermon? We’re not here to chastise you, but rather provide the technology to listen to any sermons you missed or particularly liked. You can choose to listen to streaming sermons [intlink id=”970″ type=”page”]directly from the webpage[/intlink] or subscribe to the podcast.

Subscribing to the podcast allows you to download any/all sermons into your iPod or other MP3 player, so you can listen to sermons anytime/anywhere on the go (even when driving to work!). New sermons are generally available on the website to enjoy within a couple days of the actual service.

Web Calendar

Can’t remember when your next committee meeting will be? Want to find out who is playing at the next music series concert? Check out our [intlink id=”164″ type=”page”]online calendar[/intlink] to ensure you never miss an event again. You can view the list of featured events along the bottom left side of the main page or click the “View all events” link to reveal the full-page list of all Nardin Park activities. When viewing the full-page calendar, you can view as a monthly grid, agenda listing, or one-week view.

You can choose to interact with the calendar in a variety of ways:

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Web Announcements

Can’t remember an announcement made during the service or no longer have your bulletin or newsletter to check? Check out the list of current announcements at our new webpage to ensure you are always fully informed.

You can choose to read the announcements in a variety of ways:

Email Subscription Lists

Misplaced your paper copy of our “At the Park” newsletter? Want to receive email updates from the church or hear about the Music Series? Head over to our [intlink id=”173″ type=”page” target=”_blank”]subscription page[/intlink] to sign up for any/all of our email subscriptions. You can choose to unsubscribe or add yourself to additional lists at any time.

Choose to subscribe to any of these three lists:

  • At the Park email newsletter – you will receive an email with a digital copy of the newsletter
  • General email announcements – reserved for church-wide timely announcements or just simple communications from the church staff
  • Music Series Updates – stay informed about upcoming music series concerts

RSS Feeds

What are RSS feeds and why should you care about them? Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds are a way for websites to distribute their content well beyond just visitors using browsers. Feeds permit subscription to regular updates, delivered automatically via a web portal, news reader, or in some cases good old email.

Many of us use customized homepages called MyYahoo or iGoogle to bring in headlines/content from sites all around the web. This content is actually an RSS feed from each website. Nardin Park’s new webpage offers four separate RSS feeds that you can add to your MyYahoo or iGoogle homepage. You can also choose to use RSS reader software or receive email updates whenever new content is added. Simply click on the [intlink id=”182″ type=”page” target=”_blank”]RSS feeds section[/intlink] of the Nardin Park page and choose which feed you would like to use and how you would like to use it.

RSS feeds include:

  • Ministry Staff Blog
  • Announcements
  • Calendar
  • Sermon Podcasts & Text