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Oakland County Foster Clothing Closet

Oakland County Foster Clothing Closet of Michigan serves Oakland County families who have become foster parents.  Often children arrive at a new “home” with all of their belongings in a plastic bag.

We are asking the congregation to provide something new for these children as they begin this new chapter in their lives.  Specifically needed are NEW underwear, socks, or pajamas  for children ages toddler through age 18.  An acute need is for clothing items for teenagers who may wear adult sizes.

Whatever you are able to provide will be gratefully appreciated! Clothes hampers will be at the East Door, Welcome Center, and outside the Office for your donations through the month of May. Thank you!

Tiny Houses at Cass

Cass Community Social Services, an extension of the United Methodist Church, is working to build a caring community in Detroit.  The project’s goal is to reduce homelessness by providing housing in a community that brings together students from Wayne State, staff of CCSS, the elderly, and homeless to provide for both their physical and spiritual needs.  Because rebuilding housing is good, but rebuilding lives is even better.

The project is developing 24 tiny homes in a two block area of Detroit.  The houses, though, aren’t really the point.  The point is to rebuild the lives of the people living there by developing a sense of responsibility for themselves, in a safe environment, with the guidance of neighbors.

The community is fundamental.  You can build that community and be a part of rebuilding those lives.  Nardin Park’s goal is to raise $5,000 to build the foundation of one house.  We are counting on your generosity to make this happen.  The amazing part comes when we combine that spirit with other churches, with other people, to make a difference in Detroit and in our world.

Donations may be placed in the offering plate in a Missions envelope or dropped at the fundraising table.  Please make checks out to Nardin Park with  “Tiny Homes” in the memo line.

Nardin Park Steeple Lighting

Did you know that you can honor or remember a loved one, a special event, or celebrate the Ministry of the Church by “lighting” the Nardin Park steeple?  This beautiful structure can be seen for miles and is especially breathtaking when illuminated against the evening sky.

Commemorative steeple lighting is for one week, from Sunday through Saturday, for a $25 donation.  To request your date, please contact the church office.