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     In the beginning of 2008 I met with Tim Latimer who is a computer whiz in the architectural field.  We walked into the Nardin Park sanctuary and I began to describe how I envisioned a face lift to a grand, but well-worn, place of worship.  A month or so later Tim delivered a set of computer drawings of what the sanctuary coule look like.  He did a terrific job!

     I took his drawings to the next Board of Trustees meeting and we began to talk about a mini capital campaign to address some major maintenance items (such as roof repair), as well as updating the sanctuary space.  Everything was going as expected until the second half of 2008 showed up with a national economy disaster.  2008 turned out to be a financially “down” year and the capital campaign was shelved.

     Last January the Trustees began talking about replacing the sanctuary carpet.  Out came Tim’s old drawings and the Trustees expanded their conversation to look at a wider picture.  Through their efforts they were able to address the important issues, research the possibilities and negotiate the prices.  Hours upon hours were piled up by Mike Glenn, Barb Baughman and the others.  As a result they developed a plan to replace the carpeting with ceramic tile in the chancel, remove the communion rail, modesty rail and one pew row in the front of the sanctuary, and to lay new carpeting on the main floor and balcony.  All of this will be accomplished for under $35,000.

     The monies needed to fund this endeavor comes from our endowment interest.  People from the past are funding our present renovation that will support our ministries in the future.  Amazing!

     We are now in the middle of the project.  The communion rail and pews have been removed.  The ceramic tile is in place.  The result is visually stunning!  It will be another week before the carpet is replaced but the change is wonderfully dramatic!  The area is brighter, more open and welcoming, flexible for all kinds of presentations, true to the original architectural intent, but marvelously updated.  It is beautiful!

     With the change other supplemental changes become necessary.  The sound is more alive and now we know we need to make modifications to our outdated sound system.  Our cameras need to be updated so that we can create better quality recordings of our worship experiences.  It is exciting to think about all the possibilities that are available to us.  I believe there will be people who will get inspired enough about these projects they will be willing to make them come true with their financial support.

     The place is buzzing with energetic conversations.  People are bubbling with enthusiasm.  This is a fun place to minister, full of joy and grace.  We have an exciting future with God!