Are we there yet?

My traveling companion jokingly asked “Are we there yet?” as we made our way back from The Detroit Annual Conference held in Adrian last month.  We were both exhausted from four days of connecting with friends both old and new, eating, worshiping, walking, and drying ourselves and our stuff (Lenawee County received FIVE INCHES of rain in one day!). 

The idea of coming home was pleasant, if not downright exciting.  Thinking about that wonderful place where you are welcomed and accepted, where a favorite chair and an affectionate pet are waiting for you.  No one else.  Just you.  There is nothing quite like home-sweet-home.  

My mind began to wonder about all that everyone at home had been doing while I was busy with everyone and everything at the conference.  What have you been up to?  Thinking about?  Working for?  Are you there yet?  Where do you want to be?  What do you long to be?  Dream of? 

What does it look like when we arrive at our destination?  Are we ever finished?  Or are we simply being prepared for the next journey? 

As my traveling companion and I enjoyed the sunny afternoon on our drive home, we began to talk about God’s call on our lives and how we know what it is and how we get there.  While I have a GPS device in my car to help me navigate the road and a Google Map app on my phone to do the same (with a Rand McNally Road Atlas tucked in the large pocket on the back of my seat), our conversation turned to asking what do we need to navigate our God-journey?  How do we know how to go?  Where to go?  When to go?   Who and what to bring with us? 

Years ago a spiritual friend helped me to discover that my “God” roadmaps were usually written in my own handwriting.  Within a matter of months, sometimes even days, I could find myself in the midst of something I had described in a journal.  Prayers written down in the past became pathways to a future.  While thinking about how to answer “Are we there yet?” I recalled the list of goals I set for myself this year.  One of the goals was to write more.  I hadn’t been paying much attention to my list until returning home to a request to blog for the new church website. 

I’ll be writing and watching for where God will lead me next.  I’ll be praying for my companions on the way. I’d love to hear what you’re working toward, longing for, or just dreaming about.  I’d love to hear how you know when you’ve arrived or when you know you are being sent.  Maybe there will be new paths to follow as we share our dreams.  Send me yours, if you want to.  Or just write them down for yourself. 

Yours in the journey!  Susan

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