What We Believe

The underlying energy of the United Methodist faith heritage stems from an emphasis upon practical divinity, the implementation of genuine Christianity in the lives of believers. United Methodists are not a people of a creed, but of personal experience. The tasks of United Methodists are to summon people to experience the grace of God and to encourage people to grow in the knowledge and love of God through the personal and corporate disciplines of the Christian life.

The thrust of John Wesley and the Methodist movement was “to reform the nation, particularly the Church, and to spread scriptural holiness over the land.” Although Wesley shared with many other Christians a belief in grace, he combined grace in a powerful manner to an emphasis for living the full Christian life.

  • Grace is God’s active and continuous presence.
  • Defined in Jesus Christ, grace covers all of life.
  • The Bible and Christian experience witness to grace.
  • Grace is claimed for our lives when we respond to God’s love through Jesus Christ.
  • Grace is conveyed through loving relationships and service to humanity.
  • Grace enables us to incorporate the promises and demands of the gospel into our daily lives.

It is out of this understanding of grace that we have adopted the following motto:

Christ Centered – People Focused – Spirit Led