50th Year Celebration

The 50th year banner and it's designer, ?. He is the grandson on Carolyn Bough
The 50th year banner designed by Michael Kubert, the grandson on Carolyn Bough

In fall 1965 Nardin Park UMC held its first worship service in it’s current sanctuary in Farmington Hills, Michigan.  To help celebrate the 50th anniversary we did a 50th year photo project.  We attempted to capture moments from all the various activities of the church.  We have selected 319 photos out of almost 3500 collected to document the year.

For convenience we have organized these photos into 12 galleries that you can reach through the following links.

Celebration Sundays

Sunday Worship, Special Sundays, and Christmas Eve


Children’s Ministries and VBS




Adult Fellowship and Other Group Activities

Once in a gallery you can will see a group of thumbnails.  Clicking on a thumbnail will bring up a larger image.  Controls at the bottom of this image allow you to start a slide show, expand the images to fill your display, and display info about the photos.

If you would like a digital copy or print of any of the images email  Gary Poole at gpoole@mi.rr.com.  Please include a description of what you want and the picture ID in your message.  The ID is available by clicking the  “i” at the bottom of the slideshow